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Occupying an old warehouse building in Greater Copenhagen, our office holds a group of 38 talented and driven people. We're dedicated to delivering stand-out work for our clients including Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and SEAT.

We're currently looking to grow our team; have a look at our open positions.

How we work

We choose the tools that will deliver the result fastest and the least effort. Therefore we apply a constantly changing mix of methods and methodologies, however, we always minimize overhead and bureaucracy as we want to ensure that independence and decision power stay within the teams and groups that do the work.

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Strong commitment to Open Source

At Connected Cars we acknowledge that open source is an integral part of how we build modern software and we want our developers to participate in the open source community both at work and in their spare time without having to get special permission to do so.

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How we handle your application

Depending on what job you are applying for we look for specific skills and features, but for our techincal team we summed the most common ones up.

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Code reviews

Reviewing each other's code is an essential part of our development process and not only does it make our customers happy, it also makes our developers even better.

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We understand that "great people know great people". If you have candidates you would recommend, please send us an email to jobs@connectedcars.io with contact information of the person you're referring.

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